How to Optimize, Operate, and Manage Storage Systems Through Degradation and Aging

Room: North 128
Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Time: 1:00PM - 3:00PM MST

As operating storage assets continue to age, mixing cells of different vintages becomes necessary. How does this affect the overall system performance? How does it affect the rate of degradation between the different vintages? For instance, ESA Member Invenergy has 65 MW of installed storage assets participating in the PJM market, the oldest of which has been operating for four years. Due to the PJM signal change, rates of degradation have drastically increased. This leads to more rapid module replacement to maintain revenue streams. In order to understand the best way to optimize the existing modules and avoid a full system replacement, Invenergy installed over 50 new modules in an asset where 95% of the modules are over three years old.

As the storage industry matures, operations and asset management will play an increasing role in the successful widespread deployment of energy storage systems. This workshop will take a deep dive into unpacking the symptoms of a declining asset as well as module replacement options and utilization of new assets, specifically through the lens of a real-life implementation case study in the PJM region.

NOTE: Attendance only available with VIP Package and Tuesday One-Day Pass.