Semi- to Fully-Islanded Microgrids and Resilience

Room: 304
Date: Friday, April 20, 2018
Time: 10:15AM - 11:15AM EDT

Microgrids are a tool to transition away from fossil fuels and build energy resilience onsite, away from central power grids. These energy needs are becoming increasingly critical in island nations that face unpredictable weather, high-temperature variability, high energy costs, and power reliability concerns, which sometimes require systems to “island” from the grid. However, both front-of-meter and customer-sited clean energy microgrids can consist of multiple complex components -- including energy storage and renewable energy -- which introduce new management challenges.  What are the key functions that the power management system and remote diagnostics tools that microgrids must have for deployment and operation in a crisis, or to enhance grid resiliency and flexible grid services when grid-connected?  This session will review four operating international microgrids, located in Tibet, the Cayman Islands, Chile, and the Maldives.