The Ubiquitous U.S. Microgrid Experience

Room: 302
Date: Friday, April 20, 2018
Time: 1:15PM - 2:15PM EDT

Defense applications pose some of the most stringent requirements for microgrid technology providers. In the face of a crisis, be it a military threat or natural disaster, these bases must have uninterrupted access to critical power without fear of running low on diesel fuels, making renewable-backed microgrids an increasingly important part of energy strategy for this market.  Can distributed solar+storage microgrids provide a cleaner and more cost-effective alternative for replacing traditional large-scale grid infrastructure? What are the effects of geography, energy use profiles, integration with DoD energy systems and renewable energy installations or traditional backup power assets in the system design and development? What are the advantages and disadvantages of adding ultracapacitors alongside batteries? This session will review lessons learned from a host of Department of Defense and private facilities in Hawaii, Utah, Michigan, Illinois, New Zealand, Chile, and California. The discussions will delve deeply into virtual microgrid modeling using power system software technologies and microgrid controls, particularly to address complex energy efficiency, security and resiliency requirements for military bases.