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Microgrids are on the forefront of the emerging smart energy ecosystem and energy storage plays a central role in their operations. Solar photovoltaics, for example, can now rely on energy storage to provide their voltage source, a cleaner option when compared to a traditional diesel backup generator. Energy storage also provides supplemental system benefits such as resilience, demand response, and comprehensive renewables integration.

For the very first time, the Energy Storage Association and Dynapower will join forces to showcase “Micro-Boston”— a functioning mini-city powered completely by our on-site microgrid!


  • A functioning microgrid powered by a Dynapower energy storage system (integrated inverter and battery enclosure)
  • A Microgrid Control System demonstration by S&C Electric Company
  • An opportunity to participate in a Virtual Reality experience featuring downtown Boston
  • Fully-powered ESA News Desk
  • A charging café