Site Tour: APS Festival Ranch Battery Energy Storage System

As part of ESA’s Annual Energy Storage Conference & Expo, APS is pleased to host a site tour at the Festival Ranch Battery Energy Storage System in Buckeye, AZ. The tour will take place on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Shuttles will depart from the Phoenix Convention Center at 10:30 AM and return at 3:00 PM. Attendees will need a separate ticket, available for purchase upon registration. Click here to register.

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Participants must purchase a separate ticket for the site tour ($50). Lunch will be provided.

In February this year, APS announced one of the most ambitious storage initiatives in the country. By 2025, APS will add an estimated 850 megawatts of battery storage and at least 100 megawatts of new solar generation, for a total of 950 megawatts of new clean-energy technology. The Festival Ranch project features 2-megawatt (MW)/2 megawatt-hour (MWh) Advancion grid-scale batteries that support powering specific West Valley neighborhoods in the Phoenix suburbs.

The Festival Ranch project is part of a larger test array with McMicken, an identical array built about 12 miles due east of Festival Ranch. The projects were installed at different points on the feeders to see if location adds value to power quality and reliability for customers. The Festival Ranch battery is installed at mid-circuit, while the McMicken unit is contained at the head of the feeder in an existing substation.

During the tour, participants will:

  • Experience a 2 MW battery system that supports “solar after sunset”;
  • Learn how energy storage is a key and growing component of Arizona’s energy landcape;
  • Get an insider perspective on the results of the APS test projects: how they performed, what differences they observed, how they supported the grid during the 2017 solar eclipse;
  • Learn how energy storage helps APS support customer choice, ensure reliable power, and safely integrate renewables onto the grid.

While the tour is available to all registered attendees of the ESA’s Annual Energy Storage Conference & Expo, separate registration is required.  Lunch and transportation to and from the site tour will be arranged by ESA.

Tour Logistics:

Departure: 10:30am from Third Street Pull In Area at Phoenix Conference Center

Return: 3:30pm to Phoenix Convention Center

  • Closed-toed shoes and long pants required! 
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are encouraged
  • Photographs encouraged
  • Lunch is provided
  • No further materials required: the site tour ticket will be printed off at registration and included with your name badge