Laura Taylor

President & Founder
Silverline Communications

Laura Taylor is an award-winning entrepreneur and expert communications strategist helping organizations develop comprehensive marketing and communications strategies that drive revenue and growth.

Prior to Silverline, Laura launched the Washington, D.C. office of a leading Silicon Valley public relations agency – A&R Partners. She has co-founded and led global and national B2B practice areas for the world’s largest public relations and media organizations, Edelman and Brodeur Partners (Omnicom). In these roles, her work focused on building global and national clean tech practice areas driving strategic campaigns on behalf of category leaders spanning solar, wind and energy management. Additionally, Laura has corporate communications experience as part of the internal and external executive communications teams at Sprint Nextel. She has also served in management and communications roles with Mid-Atlantic regional high-growth ventures accumulating over $1 billion in funding and serving markets from cloud computing to B2B software.

Laura received her Bachelors of Arts from the College of Charleston and her Masters of Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Passionate about mentoring young professionals and women entrepreneurs, Laura has led and served on the board for many non-profit organizations including Potential Energy DC (cleantech accelerator) and the Cleantech Open Southeast. Currently, Laura is currently on the board of AlphaTech, a regional cybersecurity accelerator.