Mike Voll

Global Sector Leader, Smart Technologies

Mike Voll is Global Sector Leader for Stantec’s Smart Technology services. He has over 30 years of experience serving both industrial and power clients serving positions with equipment suppliers, manufacturers, system integrators and the last 15 years with Stantec. Over the past eight years, Mike has supported Stantec’s rehabilitation of Ontario’s electrical grid through deployment of 1GW of solar PV in addition to nearly 50MW in energy storage projects. Mike is also leading a research project to deploy a commercial microgrid for a research park near the University of Waterloo, anticipated to pave pathways for mass deployments of community microgrids globally.

An active member of the Energy Storage Association (ESA) as well as Energy Storage Canada (ESC), Mike has supported both utilities and iconic developers such as Tesla and Sidewalk Labs in deploying their grid modernization, smart city and vehicle electrification programs.