Rick Winter

President & CEO
UniEnergy Technologies

Rick Winter brings three decades of experience designing grid scale storage products, now as President & CEO at UniEnergy Technologies (UET). He has received the NAATBatt Lifetime Achievement Award and the ESA Phil Symons award for his “instrumental role in the evolution of storage technologies”. He became a founding member of the Electricity Storage Association in 1991, serving twice as chairman and as a board member for 18 years.

Rick has deployed microgrids in Australia’s Torres Strait, managed the Storage Technologies Program at PG&E, and lead product development at five advanced battery companies. He created the world’s first flow battery product, invented the single loop flow battery in his garage (U.S. Patent No. 8039161), and holds 17 US patents with several pending and numerous abroad. 
Winter holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from The University of Queensland in Australia.