Scott D. Baker

Senior Business Solutions Analyst, Applied Innovation
PJM Interconnection

As a Senior Business Solutions Analyst in the Applied Innovation department at PJM Interconnection, Scott leads PJM’s Emerging Technologies Pilot Program to evaluate emerging technology and policy issues across the electric power sector. In this role, he administers technology demonstration projects with PJM members, research institutions, and the industry at large towards identifying technical and policy solutions to emerging problems. Recently, this work has focused on PJM market evolution initiatives related to demand response, distributed energy resources, renewables and energy storage technologies as components of PJM Capacity, Energy, and Ancillary Services markets. Prior to joining PJM, Scott worked as a researcher and project manager on Vehicle-to-Grid technology at the University of Delaware’s Center for Carbon-free Power Integration, helping to successfully deploy in 2007 the first electric vehicles that also provided ancillary services to the electric system.

Scott earned his Bachelor of Science in biology and environmental science from Ithaca College in New York, and a Masters degree in Marine Policy from the University of Delaware where he evaluated the offshore wind power potential in the Atlantic Ocean as well as related electric system integration issues.