Submission Topic Descriptions

Proven in the Field

Real-world, demonstrated energy storage systems in the field covering the procurement, applications, operation, and realized benefits of ESS. This track of content will provide attendees with tangible takeaways that they can learn from successful ESS projects around the globe, and highlight broadly applicable strategies that can be embraced by other companies throughout the industry.

Example of Ideal Session within this Topic – Project Lifecycle Panel: From initial concept, to design, financing, installation and operation.

Secondary/Supporting Topics - Field Experience, Finance & Warranties, Operational Data and Impacts, System Design & Integration, Software Platforms, Demonstrated Applications

Strategies for Utility Energy Storage

Utilities are a driving force of the continued growth of the energy storage industry, and within this track of content participants will share their experience as utilities - and third-parties working with utilities – on energy storage procurement, deployment, and operations. This track will include investor-owned utility strategies, as well as the experience of municipal and electric cooperatives across the country.

Example of Ideal Session within this Topic – Valuing Storage in IRP’s: Roundtable discussion from utilities that have worked energy storage systems into IRP planning methods.

Secondary/Supporting Topics - Integrated Resource Planning and Valuation, Procurement Strategies, Utility-Customer Partnerships, Utility Ownership & Operations, Emerging Business Models, Muni/Co-Op Deployment Experience, Hydropower & Thermal Storage

Storage Empowering Customers

This track of content is built from the experience of collaboration between companies and customers, and will explore the role of customer-sited energy storage systems in C&I and residential installations. Companies will share a better understanding of the market opportunities, value drivers, and business strategies that are propelling this segment forward.

Example of Ideal Session within this Topic Customers in Control: Discussion by customers and system owners on multiple values of ESS systems.

Secondary/Supporting Topics - Customer-sited Values/Applications, Residential Installations, Solar+Storage Systems, Thermal Energy Storage, Commercial & Industrial Systems, Aggregation and Virtual Power Plants

Microgrids & Resilient Grid Infrastructure

Energy storage systems are a critical asset when it comes to improving grid reliability and resiliency. Within this track, customers and companies will share their experience in applying energy storage systems to strengthen the electric grid. Participants will share their experience with microgrids, islanded systems, and leveraging energy storage systems to augment and even replace traditional grid infrastructure, redefining what a reliable and affordable electric system means.

Example of Ideal Session within this Topic – Resilient Microgrids: Gathering of military, university, and other campus microgrids that have endured challenges mitigated by ESS.

Secondary/Supporting Topics - T&D Infrastructure, System Reliability, Microgrid Design and Operation, Government & Military Applications, Cybersecurity, Grid Resilience

Opening US Markets: 35 GW by 2025

The energy storage industry is poised to deploy more than 35 gigawatts of new energy storage systems in the US by 2025. While thousands of energy storage systems are deployed across the US, there are many markets that are currently inaccessible or very limited for energy storage system owners and operators. Achieving our vision for industry growth will mean modernizing regulations and markets, implementing new policy strategies, and properly rewarding the on-site and systemic values of greater energy storage system deployment.

Example of Ideal Session within this Topic – Market Drivers for Storage: A mix of policy and market forecasts, building on current drivers and helping define a pathway forward and emerging opportunities.

Secondary/Supporting TopicsUS Market Forecasts, Policy and Regulatory Strategies, Successful Business Models and Financing, Strategies for State Markets, FERC & ISO/RTO Market Evolution

Global Pathways to Energy Storage

Energy storage is a global industry, and each year ESA’s Annual Conference & Expo brings delegations from around the globe to share their challenges and experiences and be the spark for the continued transformation of the power sector. Participants will share their experiences solving some of the toughest energy challenges from around the globe, dive into multinational market information and resources, and provide best practice insights into how and why energy storage is serving as a catalyst for both developed nations and emerging markets.

Example of Ideal Session within this Topic – Discussions of country market forecasts and outlook, and comparative panel discussing shared drivers for different countries.

Secondary/Supporting Topics - Market Forecasts, Emerging Market Strategies, Comparative Strategies, International Delegation Dialogues